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Toyib Ikhwanta  22/06/17   15:33:30 Date
Message we like this program and always been using it every time we made schedule, thank you for FET developing team

sabdulla  22/04/17   07:31:27 Date
Message Sir,
Can you include Class Teacher option so that a teacher in charge of the attendance etc of a particular students group can have her period in the first slot of the day always

Julio González Gil Visit Julio González Gil's homepage  05/03/17   21:36:42 Date
Message FET was able to manage a fairly complex two-week timetable for a Russian educational institution (14 groups, more than 45 subgroups, more than 40 teachers, more than 120 subjects and a lot of required restrictions).

Not just FET is a great program, but the authors were really helpful, allowing us to achieve our goal.

Keep up the good work, Liviu and Volker!

Sigit Yuwono  02/03/17   06:15:06 Date
Message The main software I use for scheduling 150 class with very limited number of rooms with so many constraints.

math user  10/02/17   22:00:23 Date
Message Great software: features (very useful constraints can be implemented), "customer support" (forum), frequent updates with new features, ...
And it is free! You can hardly believe that you get such an advanced product for free.
Every school using this software should donate some of the money they would have to pay for a commercial timetabling software (that is not as good ...)!

Vangelis Karafillidis  05/02/17   10:20:03 Date
Message FET is (most likely) the most advanced and powerful tool for automated timetable solving. And it's FREE. The lack of a "bells and whistles" GUI should not discourage the potential user, since the power of FET springs from its ability to describe accurately the timetabling problems and from its ingeniously conceived and coded algorithm.
With FET one can use a variety of constraints in order to achieve the accurate control of the timetabling results. It should be also mentioned that the best results can be achieved when the individual timetabling problems are described in their most generalized form, in terms of a computer-language-like problem description.

Akhila  04/02/17   17:27:51 Date
Message Great software for free. You helped us for years. We are guilty because we think we are late to praise you. You have collected very good merits. Thank you very much! We will be grateful.

Chap  26/01/17   14:32:26 Date
Message Overly complicated and far too rigid

Jean Chamousset  02/11/16   13:40:05 Date
Message Bonjour,
Le logiciel fet est très pratiques et très intelligent, je m'en sert très souvent ! Le seul point négatif et que nous ne pouvons pas faire des cours en demi-heures. J'ai aussi un pronlème qui est apparu il n'y a pas longtemps : impossible de rouvrir un fichier fet pour le modifier, un message s'affiche : "Impossible de lire le fichier - erreur d'analyse XML à la ligne 126, colonne 36 :
L'enseignant COQUARD est lié à une matière qualifiée inexistante. Merci de noter que depuis la version 5.30.4 de FET, la liste des matières (balise dans le fichier XML .fet) doit apparaître avant la liste des enseignants (balise dans le fichier XML .fet)" je ne comprend pas ce que ce message veut dire ? Qulqu'un pourrait-t-il me répondre ?
Merci d'avance.

Amith Pancham  06/10/16   18:47:02 Date
Message Hi there, I am from Paramaribo Suriname and also use the FET software to make timetables for my highschool. The FET software is very useful. I recommend this software. It helped me to make timetables from very difficult situations. Thumbs up for the team who developed it. Many many thanks.

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