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Joseph  23/05/11   13:53:43 Date
Message This application is really awesome its very easy to used...comprehensive, but one thing is missing for me...I could not enter the individual names for the student...is there any patch that could add for this option?

Rajat  26/03/11   10:12:18 Date
Message hey its really a gr8 robust software bt i wud like to request a feature so that automatic engagement of classes can be suggested when a particular teacher is absent

Asti Widayanti  05/03/11   15:43:03 Date
Message Wonderful software. I have been use this software for 2 semesters to schedule class in telkom polytechnic Indonesia.This software really helpful because we have limited rooms and time available teacher. Thanks for your amazing software I can schedule 700 activities just for 2 second... Smile

Francesco  02/10/10   11:56:28 Date
Message Great software. I'm using it for my school. However I have a feature request. When a global limit is added (eg: minimum days a week for a class) give the possibility to add exceptions.

cay  12/08/10   06:38:02 Date
Message very interesting. I will tell my school about it.

Jason  04/08/10   11:28:59 Date
Message Ask for new feature:

- Auto generated after allow user to manual adjust timetable (Drag and Drop in view timetable)

Joseph Coelho  04/08/10   03:15:56 Date
Message Thanks for the great contribution. I have been using FET for 2 years and have found it excellent. May God Bless you and all who contribute to this venture.

Waqas A. Khan  01/08/10   03:37:43 Date
Message Wonderfull!!!!
Atleast someone in this world is working to serve humanity without any cost. I really appreciate it. My organization National Education Council Pakistan and my chain of schools and colleges "Hazara Public School & College" extends their full support to you in this regard.

Anwarul Alam  27/07/10   16:44:46 Date
Message found time-tabling software excellent, but how to get a quick print-out?

Anees-Ur-Rehman  29/06/10   11:45:23 Date
Message In The Name of Allah Who is most benifit and most merciful.


i use this softwar i find it excellent, greatfulll and wonerfull.it help me in my work.

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