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Tamás Németh Visit Tamás Németh's homepage  03/05/19   14:06:47 Date
Message Dear Authors,
Thank you for the great program. We use it at the University of Sopron Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy. We create timetables for our normal and correspondence students.
Keep up the good work!
Best wishes,

Ricardo Benhur Portela Visit Ricardo Benhur Portela's homepage  06/02/19   19:32:07 Date
Message Falta um recurso para personalizar a linguagem, onde possamos escolher "pt-br", por exemplo.

Peter van Nieuwenhuizen Visit Peter van Nieuwenhuizen's homepage  28/11/18   10:57:37 Date
Message It would be nice to assign start dates and end dates to a subject on the time table

Dimas Ahmad Eka Putra Visit Dimas Ahmad Eka Putra's homepage  16/09/18   16:14:00 Date
Message This is great! The only missing feature would be optional different periods for a specific day. Our school has a morning ceremony activity for 60 minutes every Monday while our class run for 45 minutes for every periods. And we leave early every Friday. I am currently have to copy and paste the generated timetable into a spreadsheet to edit and then distribute to entire school.

Overall, great job for creating such a great app!

Bret Slade  19/06/18   02:17:46 Date
Message Great program. Solved my staff timetabling conflicts in an hour. Very happy

ABHISHEK PRADHAN Visit ABHISHEK PRADHAN's homepage  11/03/18   13:17:54 Date
Message I have used your software last year to generate an optimum timetable at my high school comprising of about 1060 activities. It all started by seeing our Principal ma'am in tears over drafting a good, error free time table and me being the computer teacher could not stand it any longer. Other teachers used to mock and ridicule at her created timetable and numerous silly and few major mistakes. She was so happy last year that she gifted me a nice T-Shirt for my service. This year too, I was able to make a fantastic (I keeping my fingers crossed as our Principal ma'am just posted all the individual teachers timetable just a couple of hours ago in Whatsapp and till now I am receiving all positive responses) timetable in a matter of just about 10-12 man hours. I shall be in service for coming 28 years from now and definitely shall be using your software and even reporting about bugs/features to make it more and more user friendly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful piece of software, which saves so many countless man hours correcting the manually made timetable. Cheers from me, our Prinicipal ma'am and the entire staff for having created this timetable software and made available to all as a freeware.

Rhoouma Visit Rhoouma's homepage  14/01/18   22:15:02 Date
Message This Software (FET) is the most important software to me, it helps me a lot in scheduling timetables of my school. Great Job from Great Developpers !!!!
Thank you very much for this software

ZHAO Ice  12/12/17   16:00:33 Date
Message Many thanks for your software, and I just think could you please provide a Chinese version, which will be very helpful for numerous Chinese tutors who cannot command English very well. Anyway, thank you!

Osqui  20/11/17   12:51:53 Date
Message You've saved my life!!!
What a wonderful piece of software!!

George Fonseca Visit George Fonseca's homepage  17/11/17   17:20:48 Date
Message Dear Liviu and Volker,

Thank you for providing this software!! It is great!

The interface is really nice and easy to learn.

I've been using FET to generate the schedules to the university I work on, and it attended perfectly our requirements!

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