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Kana Albert  26/08/14   14:44:25 Date
Message Fet timetabling software is superb. I used it for the first time last year with very good results. Just came around to get the latest version. Its just a couple of weeks here before school starts. I have 40+ teachers and about 850 students in 11 classes. Fet is the best way out right now. I will come back when i get results. Cameroon.

Chetan Shirore  15/07/14   14:05:23 Date
Message It is just unbelievable that such a good software is free of cost. It works...It works...and It works great....!

Bobby  16/06/14   12:37:53 Date
Message Hello Peter, You should place your request in the forum. You will not get answered here.

I use FET extensively in Namibia and other SADC countries, I'd be glad to help.

Peter  11/06/14   08:47:59 Date
Message For just seven teachers and six subjects for a primary school in Rwanda, I thought it was a quick fix to use this. But I'd better use pen and paper. After downloading the programme I don't know what to open. There are many folders and files, so which one is the correct one? I managed to find one, hoping it's the correct programme. Reading carefully the HELP pages, I had a go. Filling out seven names of teachers and six subjects. And that where it all comes to an end. How do they match up? When I click teachers and want add subjects, I get a message that there are no subjects. Yet I filled those out!
Even typing this takes time off the pen and paper method.
So sorry Mate, for the moment I'm not impressed at all. Anyone with some tips for me? Let's see who's faster: the feedback or me using paper and pen!

Sandro  16/03/14   04:11:04 Date
Message Não conhecia o FET. Não sei como sobrevivi até hoje sem ele. Facilitou muito a rotina na escola, embora ainda esteja aprendendo como usá-lo!
Obrigado à equipe Very happy Exclamation

Arsalaan  07/02/14   19:21:28 Date
Message Its great,

Really liked it...

Anitha  10/01/14   20:36:13 Date
Message A great application. 2nd time in a row I am using this to setup my departments timetable. 20 teachers, 8 sections and over 35 subjects. hats off to the team.

ankit sharma  14/09/13   21:02:33 Date
Message best software i have ever found. and i hope new version will be releasing soon.....

L Hines  23/08/13   14:19:37 Date
Message Just want to say thanks for this great software. I use to spend at least two months putting our timetable together. This has has saves us so much time and makes our jobs easier.

York castle High School, Jamaica.

Laïd MESSAOUDI Visit Laïd MESSAOUDI's homepage  22/07/13   10:26:28 Date
Message I'm very happy to use your software for time tabling the Mechanical Department of Batna University-Algeria. This is the 3rd year that I use FET V.5.18.2 and it works very fine for about 70 teachers and 500 students.
1000 thinks. Very happy Very happy Very happy

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