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Asti Widayanti  05/03/11   15:43:03 Date
Message Wonderful software. I have been use this software for 2 semesters to schedule class in telkom polytechnic Indonesia.This software really helpful because we have limited rooms and time available teacher. Thanks for your amazing software I can schedule 700 activities just for 2 second... Smile

Francesco  02/10/10   11:56:28 Date
Message Great software. I'm using it for my school. However I have a feature request. When a global limit is added (eg: minimum days a week for a class) give the possibility to add exceptions.

cay  12/08/10   06:38:02 Date
Message very interesting. I will tell my school about it.

Jason  04/08/10   11:28:59 Date
Message Ask for new feature:

- Auto generated after allow user to manual adjust timetable (Drag and Drop in view timetable)

Joseph Coelho  04/08/10   03:15:56 Date
Message Thanks for the great contribution. I have been using FET for 2 years and have found it excellent. May God Bless you and all who contribute to this venture.

Waqas A. Khan  01/08/10   03:37:43 Date
Message Wonderfull!!!!
Atleast someone in this world is working to serve humanity without any cost. I really appreciate it. My organization National Education Council Pakistan and my chain of schools and colleges "Hazara Public School & College" extends their full support to you in this regard.

Anwarul Alam  27/07/10   16:44:46 Date
Message found time-tabling software excellent, but how to get a quick print-out?

Anees-Ur-Rehman  29/06/10   11:45:23 Date
Message In The Name of Allah Who is most benifit and most merciful.


i use this softwar i find it excellent, greatfulll and wonerfull.it help me in my work.

V Salai Selvam  14/06/10   12:03:40 Date
Message Once again it's me! This software is really wonderful, great, magnificent, marvelous, ... find hard to find a right word to describe my joy of using this software.

Love & Regards to Creators, V Salai Selvam, Professor & Head, Department of ECE, Sriram Engineering College, Chennai, India - 602024. Ph.9444272256

Miroslav R. Maričić  11/05/10   10:26:35 Date
Message Ima li šanse da se meniji i helpovi prevedu na srpski/hrvatski/bosanski/crnogorski itsl.
Bilo bi to super za veliki broj korisnika sa ovih prostora.

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