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Jose Bastos  21/09/09   00:54:59 Date
Message What seemed a journey to purgatory---timetable generation for three university courses (115 subjects with 158 activities and +100 time and room constraints) in 5 days---became an enjoyable task.

Fabiano  12/09/09   03:00:46 Date
Message Thanks. This software is just great.
Please, keep helping us.

Miroslav R. Maričić  01/09/09   08:32:20 Date
Message Program je odličan! Ima dosta opcija koje ne znam da koristim jer nema prevod na srpski. Bilo bi jako lepo kad bi se našao neko da prevede menije i helpove... Pozdrav za Livija!

V Salai Selvam  27/08/09   15:02:31 Date
Message Excellent! I am working as an Assistant Professor & Head in a Private Engineering College in Chennai, India. The tool is really extremely wonderful creation. Please keep updating it and mail me if there is any new update. I wolud like to donate. How? Please mail me regarding this.

Yush Yuen  27/05/09   20:04:28 Date
Message Definitely the most powerful timetabling software out there. Our school has extremely complex requirement, and FET is the only program, free or not, that can produce a solution.

ΘΕΟΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΙΩΑ  27/05/09   18:10:13 Date

Bruno Barata  13/08/09   02:28:52 Date
Message Congratulations Liviu!! The Fet is a better program for the Timetabling problems!! I´m using it since 2008 and will use in my Final Project on Graduation! And a translation for Portuguese, is possible??

Luke Lin  20/07/09   08:09:12 Date
Message We are from XJTLU, we use it to schedule univerity courses.

سعيد  22/05/09   15:36:23 Date
Message شكراً على البرنامج
واتمنى لكم التقدم
وانا مستعد لخدمة المصادر المفتوحه بالتعريب والاقتراحات
وفقكم الله

JASPAL VISHWAKARMA  05/05/09   05:27:48 Date
Message Software provides excellent result. Only one area we are unabel to handle is substitution period. Do the software has the facility ? How to use ?

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