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V Salai Selvam  08/02/10   14:15:43 Date
Message Hi, Friends! It's me again. I am working as an Assistant Prof ****HOD of Dept of ECE, Sriram Engg College, Tamil Nadu, India. I find this software extremely useful.

Jack  17/12/09   19:09:31 Date
Message Great software. Our Faculty members love you.

mkutlusan  05/12/09   17:56:21 Date
Message Hi, This software is flexible, open source and develop open. Like everyone else, as I claim, incomplete and inaccurate that I would like to contribute to Turkish translation. And all people sharing the world of earlier translators greetings.

Olivier Kamga  01/10/09   15:40:34 Date
Message ça alors Fet est le meilleur logiciel au monde pour la gestion des emplois du temps. Il est très flexible, je le conseille vivement aux universités mais pourvu qu'ils encouragent le projet en faisant un don.

V. Salai Selvam  29/09/09   14:01:20 Date
Message Hi! It is me, again. Exxxxxcellent tool. Thank you again. I am an Assistant Professor working in a private Engineering College in India.

Jack  21/09/09   20:35:41 Date
Message I would love to try this software, but there is no Mac executable available Sad

Jose Bastos  21/09/09   00:54:59 Date
Message What seemed a journey to purgatory---timetable generation for three university courses (115 subjects with 158 activities and +100 time and room constraints) in 5 days---became an enjoyable task.

Fabiano  12/09/09   03:00:46 Date
Message Thanks. This software is just great.
Please, keep helping us.

Miroslav R. Maričić  01/09/09   08:32:20 Date
Message Program je odličan! Ima dosta opcija koje ne znam da koristim jer nema prevod na srpski. Bilo bi jako lepo kad bi se našao neko da prevede menije i helpove... Pozdrav za Livija!

V Salai Selvam  27/08/09   15:02:31 Date
Message Excellent! I am working as an Assistant Professor & Head in a Private Engineering College in Chennai, India. The tool is really extremely wonderful creation. Please keep updating it and mail me if there is any new update. I wolud like to donate. How? Please mail me regarding this.

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