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Girish Belkar  29/04/09   07:36:09 Date
Message Wonderfull software. Could'nt find better software. If you can provide facility for substitution/ arrangements of absent teacher, that woluld be nice

Jerry  23/03/09   17:41:17 Date
Message Glad to finally see an open source project for this. As a college student I always had issues with scheduling, thinking there would be a program to help, but hadn't considered the other side as much, except for advising other students.
Hoping to spend more time on this for a project.

Raymond Seow  09/03/09   09:51:04 Date
Message I happened to search this free program. Thanks to the author and all other contributors. I have used it to generate my school time table for 66 teachers, with various constrains. The program is friendly in the sense that it is easy to modify the entries, and also to add similar entries/constrains. I got my time table in slightly more than 3 mins. Many thanks again.

Narendra Nath  03/03/09   07:25:10 Date
Message We used fet 5.8.0 for scheduling our classes for Jan 2009 Semester. Very good program. Could do with some more features like manual editing of generated schedules.

Keep up the good work.

Sebastian Carcamo  25/02/09   14:45:18 Date
Message Very good program Smile

note : please add hotkeys to a fast works.

Kalai  10/02/09   16:33:35 Date
Message A very useful, fast and reliable program! Its amazing its free;} especially for the cash-starved academics.

sooory  24/12/08   10:11:48 Date
Message hi
please help me!
I need to source code of FET for expand it in my project...

Silvia  14/09/08   21:44:21 Date
Message hi all,
tomorrow we are starting the school year with the timetables generated with FET 5.6.2

The timetables have come up 100% normative compliant and 98% teachers' wishes respected. It was a very difficult timetable with many subjects with different teachers and groups, and space constraints, etc

Thanks very much for your work and for sharing it.

alfaromeo  14/09/08   15:46:12 Date
Message Finally, I got the nearly perfect timetable with FET Smile Smile Smile
I have download it two years ago, but I was unable to use it. it was confusing for me by it's interface and terminology

Now, thanks to help and care of board administrators, and after flooding the board with too many questions in just two days!!! :-[ I get familiar with FET
I managed to generate nearly a perfect timetable, witch is 100% compatible with national educational standarts; It respect 98 % ( maybe more) of teacher's wiches

The most astonishing thing is that FET solved the timetable in less than 2 munites !!
From my past experience, such timetable means a lot of hard working for both PC and human !!

Marco Barsotti  04/09/08   21:51:11 Date
Message I'm impressed by quality of FET's algorithm! It can find the road to a good timetable, like a clever hunting dog... It's a pleasure for me to translate in italian the GUI. Thank you!

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