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LongZhen  11/08/08   04:18:18 Date
Message How do I create the Chinese Language Package? Please Contact me.

Vedran Vucic  22/08/08   19:52:04 Date
Message It is great that free software for schools does have such a good software. I strongly recommend to schools to use ATutor, OpenAdmin, FET and eXe. That is a MUST for any school.

George  28/07/08   15:40:56 Date
Message Our department has been using FET for almost a year now to schedule both exams and semesters. It has been excellent at its job. We especially appreciated the logic of "collect data first, generate everything last", which forces people to give good time requirements early.

Being also open, its use is a no-brainer for universities.

Thura  10/07/08   06:45:08 Date
Message Thanks for this nice Free software ...

Shaji  09/07/08   10:52:13 Date
Message I have stumbled upon this last year.Marvelous!But I have a problem.Here we have up to 10 periods for some subjects and a 5 1/2 day week with 8 periods daily.Obviously some days have 2 periods of the same subject,which teachers do not want continously.How to add a gap of minimum 2 periods between same subject?

Anon  12/06/08   07:57:07 Date
Message Please would you offer some screenshots, would be nice and u get more attention.


K.Sreekumar  02/06/08   06:59:21 Date
Message I had been using this software for preparing time table for last two years. The earlier versions were very slow. But now that problem has been overcome and it took less than one minute to generate time table with more tha 800 activities. Thank you very much

Bobby  15/05/08   13:16:39 Date
Message I've tested with primary & secondary school data and FET has passed with flying colours.

Wetneb  01/11/07   20:20:50 Date
Message ça faisait longtemps que je me demandais comment concevoir un tel algorithme... Je n'ai pas (encore) jetté un coup d'oeuil au code source, mais je
suis content d'avoir trouvé un tel logiciel en OpenSource (j'ai découvert ce projet sur le site des trophées du libre).

Avez-vous inventé vous-même l'algorithme ou est-il inspiré d'un travail extérieur ?

Bravo en tout cas et bonne continuation !

Samuel N  22/10/07   12:10:44 Date
Message I have used FET in our agricultural college and it works fine, it has made my job a lot easy. however I would like to make the following suggesions.
(1) on data entry: it would be best if it could accept data in a database table format, by copy/pesting fields from databases and so on.
(2) on data out put: it is best if its out put could be in a database format also: because schools and universities usually have a lot of ways of presenting their time tables and also a lot of differnet queries; like searching by specific courses being offered and so on.

I think the folloing would make a GREAT difference for a lot of users.

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