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Pranjal Daterao  13/03/06   09:42:27 Date
Message Very Nice Algorithm. But Sometimes it hangs.. Excellent program.. Keep it up.. Smile smiley

Patrick Fox  11/03/06   09:50:01 Date
Message Good work, it will soon be a piece of software know in each french school !

Still can be improved.

Nizar TLILI  27/01/06   11:23:08 Date
Message Congratulations for your efforts.

I think I am interested in developing an extension for FET.

Really, FET is very efficient!!!

Juma  15/01/06   16:09:29 Date
Message it sounds good. congratulations

sathia silan  09/01/06   08:45:34 Date
Message its good piece of G/A software...help me in studying G/A more..

Tom Hosty  20/11/05   21:29:05 Date
Message I am a teacher with 30+ years experience. This is an excellent program, written by a young man who is obviously a genius. He welcomes your ideas and responds immediately. And it's free! (I tried a couple of commercial programs first - an English one costing 675 English pounds and a Finnish one costing over 300 English pounds).

Nakul Dhotre  29/10/05   19:45:08 Date
Message This is a great piece of software and a very good example of the huge potential genetic algorithms have.

I never thaught making timetables might be such a difficult task when i was a kid .. but with this thing even a kid can make timetable for the whole school.

drew  10/10/05   11:42:38 Date
Message Do you know konosys ?

That's the best timetable generator. Fet seems to be arranged !!

Raita Mihail  14/09/05   18:50:20 Date
Message Este super!

Rica  11/09/05   09:46:05 Date
Message Este un program superb. L-am recomandat calduros tuturor. Multumim!

Aurelian Pavel,

Gr. Sc. de Ind. Usoara, Sighisoara

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