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خالد بن الولي  09/10/07   20:00:18 Date
Message برنامج ممتاز وسريع ومجاني ومفتوح المصدر .
شكراً للمطورين.

This program is Good ,Fast,Free and Opensource.
Thanks for the programings.

my80s  17/09/07   06:07:49 Date
Message Very fast timetable with stability,I try to translate in Greek,anyone for assistance? I think now fet its faster than most other similar programs.

emde  27/08/07   12:58:32 Date
Message I started to use FET 1 month ago for generating timetables for my faculty. Really FET gives me better results than other software (I tried with tablix). It gives me results! I'm very impressed.
One missing feature for me are buildings and building changes between classes.

Ken  26/08/07   18:55:27 Date
Message The software is really bad in help.
Then,after I play around,it is simple but very powerful.I mainly use it to make my own subject timetable.

I love it.

Revansiddha Katte  04/01/08   01:30:40 Date
Message A best end user software you made.
Thanks & congrats

jason  26/12/07   03:11:31 Date
Message what is algorithm of FET?

Codeck  06/10/07   21:25:56 Date
Message I need the manual using the FET in Indonesian or english, Anybody can Help me please ? e-mail me please..

madewibawa  06/10/07   12:09:29 Date
Message i was download software

bb  01/08/07   16:17:09 Date
Message I like your program very much. Please make in 5.0.0 time constraint - activity ends day- as it was in 4.2.8. Without it i can1t make timetable for my school

Philippe Roy  23/07/07   09:23:18 Date
Message I use your soft for timetable generating in Chambéry University (France). Simple, powerfull and open source.

Why not used a real platform for the soft development (like gna.org) ?


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