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Codeck  06/10/07   21:25:56 Date
Message I need the manual using the FET in Indonesian or english, Anybody can Help me please ? e-mail me please..

madewibawa  06/10/07   12:09:29 Date
Message i was download software

bb  01/08/07   16:17:09 Date
Message I like your program very much. Please make in 5.0.0 time constraint - activity ends day- as it was in 4.2.8. Without it i can1t make timetable for my school

Philippe Roy  23/07/07   09:23:18 Date
Message I use your soft for timetable generating in Chambéry University (France). Simple, powerfull and open source.

Why not used a real platform for the soft development (like gna.org) ?


Maria Isabel Font  06/07/07   00:30:21 Date
Message I liked this software, how can I help translating it to spanish? Comment je peux traduire ceci a l'espagnol?


CRistian  12/06/07   20:02:00 Date
Message Saluds desde chile, me parece genial tu idea y el software, solo le faltan algunos detalles como poder bloquear la sala en determionado día y hora, hasta el momento estoy utilizando sheduler25 para la asignacion de cusos a las salas de clases, tambien tu software lo estoy tomando como parte de una investigacion de tesis... sobretodo la generacion euristica de varibles las cuales puden tener ciertas reglas... o en realidad restricciones...

saludos desde chile ...

Lee  10/05/07   03:57:57 Date
Message hello .. any idea the use of tag in subject, room ...?

rey  08/05/07   14:56:57 Date
Message please make this fed for indonesia language. i like your website.

Igen June  15/01/07   10:03:05 Date
Message Thanks. I try to learn this sofware. I think very usefull and comfortable for my daily task in my school (Saint Mary College Indonesia; Bengawan 6 Bandung).

Jaime Hyland  17/11/06   07:29:07 Date
Message An excellent program, well documented and thoroughly explained.

Very impressive.

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