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CRistian  12/06/07   20:02:00 Date
Message Saluds desde chile, me parece genial tu idea y el software, solo le faltan algunos detalles como poder bloquear la sala en determionado día y hora, hasta el momento estoy utilizando sheduler25 para la asignacion de cusos a las salas de clases, tambien tu software lo estoy tomando como parte de una investigacion de tesis... sobretodo la generacion euristica de varibles las cuales puden tener ciertas reglas... o en realidad restricciones...

saludos desde chile ...

Lee  10/05/07   03:57:57 Date
Message hello .. any idea the use of tag in subject, room ...?

rey  08/05/07   14:56:57 Date
Message please make this fed for indonesia language. i like your website.

Igen June  15/01/07   10:03:05 Date
Message Thanks. I try to learn this sofware. I think very usefull and comfortable for my daily task in my school (Saint Mary College Indonesia; Bengawan 6 Bandung).

Jaime Hyland  17/11/06   07:29:07 Date
Message An excellent program, well documented and thoroughly explained.

Very impressive.

oktay  09/11/06   02:32:41 Date
Message thax for such an excellent job

Ioan Cioca  20/10/06   12:17:36 Date
Message Dincolo de aprecierile elogioase pe care as fi si eu tentat sa le fac...orarul ogindeste mai cu seama munca si perseverenta autorului

Shie Benaderet  05/09/06   06:08:48 Date
Message Foarte Bine. Nu... Minunat!

Mahir Nacar  24/08/06   13:03:25 Date
Message This software is the most flexible timetabling software, i have ever seen. Generally, these kinds of software about timetabling have their own constants. You can not rule the software, but the software dictates you its own limited frame.

However, with FET, you can add-remove any constarints at your timetable, because it has very generic and modular commands. The use of these commands is like an usual computer programming activity.

The only problem at my FET experience is that, the software could not solve the conflicts in a meaningful time, whenever the number of activities and constraints added, exceeded hundreds. The algoritm must be continuesly improved in order to get the software to operate like the practical style of human judgement.

farrouj redouane  24/06/06   12:51:28 Date
Message FET C'est le meilleur generateur d'horaire

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